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Whether riding Hunters or Show Jumpers, we all want flowing strides, rounder backs, tighter tucks, easy bends and for sure, more consistent rounds. If you’re not getting that the problem may not be you or your horse, but it very well may be your saddle. If your horse doesn’t like to be tacked, bucks on landing, has trouble picking up leads, has a sore back or irregular gaits, it may very well be your saddle. Can a saddle really make that big a difference? Try an Xtreme and you may remove the doubt along with the problems.

For the Rider, the Xtreme monoflap is a dream ride with extraordinary closeness and leg stability. It also features a unique knee pad that opens in front and allows you to choose any size knee roll you prefer and to position it anywhere you like, or you may just discover you don’t need one at all.

Laminated birch wood trees (NO SYNTHETICS!), 100% pure wool flocking (NO SYNTHETICS!). Return to quality -- you will be Xtremely glad you did!


ALL COUNTY "Next Gen" Jumping Saddles are available in the following sizes & colors:
Seat Size: 16,16.5, 17, 17.5, 18, 18.5
Tree Sizes: N, MN, M, MW, W, WXW, XW
Leather Colors: Black or Brown
Leather Prints: Dollar,  Jumbo or Smooth