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County's "Next Gen" Dressage Saddles - Monoflaps
Sold out in Europe in just 6 Weeks - NOW AVAILABLE IN THE U.S.
For a sitting trot you cannot imagine is possible, The Epiphany allows your horse to move more freely forward, and Takes You with Him. Which allows you to focus less on your position and more on your horse. Featuring a 3/4 length thigh roll and seat-to-leg flap relationship that puts you on your sit bones, relaxes the hip and lengthens the leg. Ride in the “Epiphany”and you’ll know how it got its name.
If you love the Epiphany but prefer a longer curved external roll that literally melts around your leg, you must try the Inspiration. All of County’s “Next Gen” monoflaps are so close they are like a second skin allowing you to feel and quickly respond to things you have never felt before.
Love the Epiphany and Inspiration but prefer a more traditional internal knee roll? The Intuition may be your choice. Featuring a unique open knee pad that allows the rider to choose the knee roll size and position of their choice, depending on their individual thigh angle or even the shape of their horse.
The truth is you will absolutely love all three. But “feel” is a very individual and nuanced thing, and all the clever, inauthentic marketing text in the world can’t begin to describe what your unique experience will be. We can, however, guarantee your experience will be unique! So, it will be a difficult choice, but the only way you will know which County “Next Gen” you love best, is to try them all!

ALL COUNTY "Next Gen" Dressage Saddles are availble in the following sizes and colors:

Seat Size: 16,16.5, 17, 17.5, 18, 18.5
Leather Colors: Black, Brown, Smooth or Bold Print
Tree Sizes: N, NM, M, MW, W, WXW, XW

County's "Next Gen" Jumping Saddles - Monoflaps
Whether riding Hunters or Show Jumpers, we all want flowing strides, rounder backs, tighter tucks, easy bends and for sure, more consistent rounds. If you’re not getting that the problem may not be you or your horse, but it very well may be your saddle. If your horse doesn’t like to be tacked, bucks on landing, has trouble picking up leads, has a sore back or irregular gaits, it may very well be your saddle. Can a saddle really make that big a difference? Try an Xtreme and you may remove the doubt along with the problems.
For the Rider, the Xtreme monoflap is a dream ride with extraordinary closeness and leg stability. It also features a unique knee pad that opens in front and allows you to choose any size knee roll you prefer and to position it anywhere you like, or you may just discover you don’t need one at all.
The Velocity is the worlds first Mono-flap jumping saddle with the versatility of traditional dual flaps. This totally unique design combines the unparalleled close contact of all of County's Next Gen mono-flap saddles, but unlike most mono-flaps, allows the mounted rider to reach down, lift the flap, and adjust the girth as most riders are accustomed to doing. With the Velocity you can use either a long or short girth, and it can be ordered with adjustable or fixed knee rolls. Don't a waste anymore time trying to find the perfect jumping saddle, add Velocity to your search.

Fractions Matter! Pain and excessive pressure on your horse’s back and shoulders causes fatigue, inhibits ground gaining strides, and makes it much more difficult for your horse to regain balance after landing.

For the Horse: The Xcelerator helps your horse Recover Balance Quicker after landing so you save time, and your horse saves energy! Our 100% pure wool flocking and our specially designed handmade laminated beachwood trees are calibrated to provide just the right amount of torsional and vertical flexion to dampen those forces to relieve pain and minimize pressure.

For the Rider: The Xcelerator's uniquely designed seat-to-leg flap relationship results in a much more stable leg and upper body, allowing the rider to remain perfectly balanced and to effortlessly get out of the tack and into the irons. You will be amazed how much easier it is to let your horse out and bring him back under your seat on the lightest aids.

So, if you want more horse under you during cross country and stadium, you need an Xcelerator under you as well.

Advanced Design/Traditional Quality !
Laminated beachwood trees and 100% pure wool flocking (NO SYNTHETICS!).


ALL COUNTY "Next Gen" Jumping Saddles are availble in the following sizes and colors:

Seat Size: 16,16.5, 17, 17.5, 18, 18.5
Leather Colors: Black, Brown, Smooth or Bold Print
Tree Sizes: N, NM, M, MW, W, WXW, XW

Advanced Design, Traditional Quality!
Resisting the trend over the years toward cheaper, faster production methods using preformed synthetic panels, synthetic trees and assembly line production, County’s advanced designs continue to be painstakingly handmade on our laminated birch wood trees, covered in the world’s finest leather, and flocked with 100% pure wool to maximize your horse’s comfort and fit. NO SYNTHETICS!
Our traditional methods take longer and require a higher degree of craftsmanship, but once you sit in a County saddle, you and your horse will agree that the results are clearly worth it. Although we custom make saddles for many of the world’s leading riders, our commitment to quality and detail is reflected in every saddle we make, including the one we will make for you.